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Escape Dragon Lair 17.03.2017

Escape Dragon Lair

You fell asleep while reading a book about dragons...

Lost Escape Abandoned Mansion 22.03.2017

Lost Escape Abandoned Mansion

After a night out with your friends, you woke up i...

Creepy Basement Escape Episode 1 21.03.2017

Creepy Basement Escape Episode 1

Can you escape from this creepy basement?...

Creepy Swamp Escape 16.03.2017

Creepy Swamp Escape

You are stuck in the creepy swamp! Look around and...

Mission Escape Ranch 15.03.2017

Mission Escape Ranch

You are a super spy on a secret mission. Things go...

Monstrous House Escape 15.03.2017

Monstrous House Escape

You are stuck in a monstrous house with all sorts ...

Magnificent Beach Escape 11.03.2017

Magnificent Beach Escape

You were partying with some friends and ended up o...

Lost Escape Castle 11.03.2017

Lost Escape Castle

You were out exploring and found an old abandoned ...

Toon Escape UFO 08.03.2017

Toon Escape UFO

You are stuck in a toon world UFO! Look around and...

Escape Closed Bakery 08.03.2017

Escape Closed Bakery

You woke up locked inside the closed bakery. Now, ...

Escape House Of Nightmares 16.02.2017

Escape House Of Nightmares

You woke up, locked inside the house of nightmares...

Allure Escape Greece 28.02.2017

Allure Escape Greece

You were staying on a small Greek island the day b...

Mission Escape Pet Shop 27.02.2017

Mission Escape Pet Shop

You are a super spy on a secret mission. Things go...

Creepy Tomb Escape 27.02.2017

Creepy Tomb Escape

You are stuck in the creepy tomb! Look around and ...

Toon Escape Skyscraper 27.02.2017

Toon Escape Skyscraper

You are stuck in the toon world in a skyscraper! L...

Greetings from Potato Island 01.02.2017

Greetings from Potato Island

While his house is still being renovated, Anthony ...

Escape Lonely Manor 24.02.2017

Escape Lonely Manor

You blacked out and when you came to, you were in ...

White Sands Beach Escape 24.02.2017

White Sands Beach Escape

You are stranded on an island in the south pacific...

Escape The Creamery 23.02.2017

Escape The Creamery

You woke up locked inside the local creamery. Now,...

Sewer Tunnel Escape 22.02.2017

Sewer Tunnel Escape

You were walking home when you fell down an open m...

Western Town Escape 20.02.2017

Western Town Escape

You are stuck in a western ghost town. Can you fig...

Toon Escape Coffee House 14.02.2017

Toon Escape Coffee House

You are stuck in the toon world in a coffee house!...

Snow Lodge Escape 16.02.2017

Snow Lodge Escape

After a long weekend on the slopes, you decided to...

Mission Escape Island 09.02.2017

Mission Escape Island

You are a super spy on a secret mission. Things go...

Escape Creepy Cabin 09.02.2017

Escape Creepy Cabin

You were heading home at night and your car broke ...

Babysitting Fun! 20.01.2017

Babysitting Fun!

Anthony’s father is an explorer. Tonight, while An...

Escape Fairy Island 08.02.2017

Escape Fairy Island

You were sailing home and got caught up in a storm...

Ninja Room Escape 25.01.2017

Ninja Room Escape

You are locked inside of a ninja's room. Look arou...

Abandoned Cottage Escape 08.02.2017

Abandoned Cottage Escape

You were exploring the countryside and got lost. A...

Lush Mountain Escape 31.01.2017

Lush Mountain Escape

You just woke up in a locked bedroom! You have no ...

Toon Escape Bowling Alley 31.01.2017

Toon Escape Bowling Alley

You are stuck in the toon world in a bowling alley...

Escape Ancient Temple 30.01.2017

Escape Ancient Temple

You were exploring and got trapped deep inside an ...

Escape Abandoned Pool 27.01.2017

Escape Abandoned Pool

You were exploring a strange place and got lost. F...

Escape House Of Ghosts 24.01.2017

Escape House Of Ghosts

You woke up, locked inside a house full of ghosts!...

Scurvy Seadog Escape 23.01.2017

Scurvy Seadog Escape

You were captured and locked inside a ship which b...

Quest For Jelly 20.01.2017

Quest For Jelly

You went to make a peanut butter and jelly sandwic...

Cold Cold Escape 17.01.2017

Cold Cold Escape

You were out hiking in the mountains when a heavy ...

Chicken Farm Escape 17.01.2017

Chicken Farm Escape

You are stranded at a chicken farm out in the coun...

Lost Escape Monastery 16.01.2017

Lost Escape Monastery

You were out jogging and got hit by a car. They dr...

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  • GameDistribution AS
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  • Phone: +47 932 888 14
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