Easy integration

How to do!

step 1

Go to control panel > my games

step1 image
step 2

Click the "Add game" buttons

step2 image
step 3

Type your game title you want to add in our catalouge

step3 image
step 4

You will see new game info then click "Get Code" button to get "GameId and UserId". Each game has unique Game id represents your game. Api integration state shows you that you have correctly done integration and ready to publish.

step4 image
step 5

Click "Get Code" button to get GameId and UserId. You can find example codes in documentation related to game type, Flash/Air, Html5 and Construct2.

step5 image
step 6

After integrating GdApi you can check communication over developer tools of your browers. Api Integration State goes GREEN after first connection.

step6 image
step 7

Go to reports.gamedistribution.com to see your incomes. To start to get incomes, you MUST upload your game to GameDistribution.

step7 image

Successfuly added to GD